Explore Your Hidden Potential and Turn Your Thinking Into The Results You Want


My Story

Through my intensive and on-going training with Bob Proctor, my life experience as a successful business owner, mother of 3 grown daughters and a high life-long value of serving others, I bring a level of knowledge and understanding that sets me apart from most.

The success as a top consultant with The Proctor Gallagher Institute is reflected in my clients.  I teach people how to think so that they can get everything they want in life!

I have become a Leading Consultant in the world within the Proctor Gallagher Institute and a member of the Inner Circle. My teaching and leadership ability greatly enhances the impact of Bob Proctor’s proven formula with both individuals and businesses helping them unleash their full potential.

My Approach

Discovering your WANT

Most people focus on the “why” — why is it that you have this-or-that goal or desire?  Focusing on the “why” keeps you focused on the past.  Discover and focus on what you really, really, really want and it will drive you to success. “If you tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it.”

Setting Goals

There are 3 types of goals. A-type, B-type and C-type goals.  A & B goals only keep you moving sideways or even backwards in life…a C type goal will help you make massive leaps forward.  People often are afraid to set a goal because they have tried in the past and failed.  If you do what I say, your success is guaranteed!

Identifying Paradigms

I have developed a very strong intuition and use it to help identify the habitual behaviors that hold you back, the foundation for growth and change in your life.


Most people do not like accountability, that is why I put in place incredible tools to help you stay focused and moving forward. You will learn to LOVE accountability.


My ability to “get to the heart of the matter” quickly and identify what really needs to be addressed, is a skill that only seasoned professionals possess.  This allows me to identify with absolute precision the solutions to getting the results you want – every time – guaranteed.

Finding your Power

You are connected to Infinite Intelligence and therefore, whatever image you hold in your mind, by law, it will move into form.

Connecting you to the BEST resources

Besides working closely with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, I am a part of a huge network of consultants and coaches that can provide you with everything that you need to reach your goal.

Straight Forward

There is a good chance that we will be friends for life… My first and foremost goal is to help you succeed; so I will call it like it is and always challenge you to change and keep moving forward — no judgments, just honesty (finally).


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